Jo-Ann Richards Goffe

JoAnnHeadshotJo-Ann Richards Goffe is a singer/songwriter, lecturer, author, ethnodoxologist and global minister of the gospel. She is passionate about culturally relevant expressions of worship and has helped to facilitate this not only in her home island of Jamaica, but also in places like Burkina Faso, Peru and Panama, through the ministry of Wycliffe Bible Translators. Jo-Ann is a trained teacher of Spanish & English (Shortwood Teachers’ College) with a first degree in Theology and minor in Guidance and counseling (Jamaica Theological Seminary), and a second degree in Ethnomusicology (Bethel University/Music in World Cultures).

In addition to being Founding Director of CREW 40:4, Jo-Ann is Arts Catalyst Coordinator for the Caribbean on behalf of the Lausanne Movement, and a member of the Faculty of the Haggai Institute. Jo-Ann is currently a member of the First Missionary Church in Kingston, Jamaica. She married artist Marcel Goffe in December 2015 and they now serve together as a team.

You can watch Jo-Ann's music videos below.