What We Do

Our ministry has four main aspects:

  1. Teaching and Training - conducting worship seminars, composition workshops, and classes.
  2. Developing Material - producing culturally relevant music albums and teaching resource material.
  3. Outreach to churches, schools, and other institutions such as children's homes and prisons.
  4. Community-building through live and online events.


KW Magazine:
CREWShall Connections in Faith & Culture: A magazine launched in 2018 to facilitate conversations about Worship & Cultural Identity among persons of African descent both on the African continent and in her Diasporas.

CREWShall Conversations
A weekly interview program hosted on the KW Magazine’s Facebook page, where we discuss relevant issues with writers and interviewees of the magazine.

Past projects include:

OLIC - An acronym for One Love in Christ, the OLIC project was focused on reducing stigma and discrimination against persons living with HIV/AIDS.

Stony Hill Remand - A project conducted in partnership with members from Swallowfield Chapel, in which inmates were ministered to through creative workshops using the Jamaican Creole scriptures as a base.

Songwriting Workshop - A small but enthusiastic group came together to write songs based on the scriptures in Jamaican Creole. Two of these songs were produced and published on the album Kom Mek Wi Worship.

WE DiP - A monthly time of refreshing for literary, visual, and performing artists and those who shepherd them. The ingredients included Worship, Encouragement, Discussion, Information, and Prayer.